Windy Karigianes

Highlight Reel

1994 – Nominee – 4th Annual LA Music Awards

Greek, Italian and Portuguese descent: all in one elegant and sophisticated heavenly sounding body is: WINDY KARIGIANES. You can hear her cultural diversity in every note; mixing contemporary harmonies with vintage rhythms. Windy is an aficionado of Jazz and World music. She should be. She began her professional singing career at age 16 singing Standards.

Her original compositions are pulsating from her cultural heritage and eclectic sensibilities. They led her to co-writing with piano virtuoso Vernell Brown, Jr. on the widely-acclaimed “Butterfly” featuring Herbie Hancock’s Headhunters Mike Clark and Paul Jackson—a hit single. Her upcoming release contains “Home” and “Sad Songs” co-written by Randy Hall and Brandon Fields along with additional outstanding tracks: “Reality” and “Prime” auditioned to outstanding applause at The Baked Potato with Brandon Fields accompaniment.

Los Angeles Times review by Don Heckman of her Vibrato performance says:

“…the warmth of her sound, her briskly rhythmic style and evocative interpretations bode well for her future.…”

Vernell Brown Jr. whose credits include Kenny Garrett, Gladys Knight, Herb Alpert, and more says:

“Windy’s a lightning bolt of subtle expression, mixed with incredible controlled expression as both a Composer and Vocalist.”

Brandon Fields whose credits include George Benson; Elton John; Luther Vandross, Bobby Caldwell, says:

“I’ve heard and played with some of the biggest recording artists in the industry. Windy has a natural purity in her voice that very few Singers have. Her time is impeccable when she’s phrasing or scatting. I’ve also played on some of her originals and with her live. She brings an ethereal, almost haunting-innocence to the audience and in the studio.”

Wendy Parker, Event Coordinator,says:

“I’ve known Windy Karigianes for years because she delivers something unique at the very upscale events that I’m responsible for. I cannot simply book just any Singer or group. There are tons of talented people in Chicago, L.A., New York & Vegas at any given moment but, she’s got a great attitude and my guests—from artists, celebrities, dignitaries, diplomats to your basic music-lovers—love her spirit; not just her exceptional vocals. Everybody approaches me after every event, requesting information about her.

Windy has performed throughout the United States and overseas. Her most recent bookings include:

§ Showtime Network’s: “Weeds” Wrap Party, Los Angeles

§ Herb Alpert’s: Vibrato, Los Angeles

§ The Baked Potato, Los Angeles

§ Perch, Los Angeles

Windy Karigianes began performing on the Las Vegas Strip under her father’s direction while receiving awards from local talent shows and state competitions, along the way. With innate ability, parental guidance and on-stage experience, she elevated her musical endeavors to another level by studying vocal technique with famed Bay area mentor Norris Davis. Her collaborators have become inspired supporters. “My inspirations are outstanding musicianship. In other words, it is not all about the awards or endorsements. It’s about passion. I have met and performed with musicians from all over the world. Some of them gained notoriety; others did not. But man, when they dig in and play: it’s a synchronicity that makes me sanguine and sing better. I think it’s unfair to focus in on those that inspired me the most. No matter what anyone says: in all of the Arts, it is a truly collaborative process.”