Win The Day

Rock Single of the Year 2012 LA Music Awards

Charlie Gathe, a solo artist from Lafayette, Louisiana, is more than just a musician. He is a writer, composer, producer, engineer and visionary. His influences arise from artists across many genres, like Stevie Wonder, John Mayer, The Beatles, Marvin Gaye, John Coltrane, and Seal to name a few. His career started in 1998 as guitarist and backing vocalist for the band, Liquid Sand, which encompassed nearly a decade of touring and performing. In 2007, Gathe branched out and became the lead vocalist and guitarist for a project called Raining In Paris. After a year and one album, Gathe went solo creating his own project called Win The Day.

The musical history behind Gathe’s success and debut solo album is lengthy and complex, but only if you think in those terms. Quite honestly, Charlie Gathe lives by a simple credo: “Whatever you focus on will expand.” There is nothing complex about this statement and it has proven true for Gathe. Whatever he focuses on expands and ultimately becomes the sum of its parts. This visionary artist has somehow tapped into the creative well of not only his own mind, but also of others, with seemingly very little effort. As Gathe says, “What drives the human heart? I would imagine myself in other’s shoes, how they hurt, how they loved, what caused their emotions, and how I could heal them.”

This is not to say that Charlie Gathe hasn’t put effort into his career. Gathe worked very hard to become the well-rounded artist he is today. As a young child, he was extremely shy and sensitive, yet knew that he was born with a passion for music. From vocal coaches, to recording himself humming melodies on his iPhone that would later become hit songs, Gathe has learned the art of creating music purely by trial and error. He experienced typical self-doubt that most musicians struggle through when they are not sure if what they are writing is good enough, but only that is seems right. Gathe has always known what felt right and what didn’t; he just needed enough support and encouragement to let his songs be heard by a broader audience.

Gathe is unusual in the fact that he doesn’t think too much about what he creates. He just does. His music is intricate and complex, but he simply lets it flow, rather than overanalyzing what does not need to be analyzed in the first place. He likes listeners to be able to take their own meaning away from his music, and his optimistic and positive songs can certainly be taken in an enlightening way, helping listeners to shed darkness and embrace light. His music has the potential to touch many hearts and minds, and for Charlie Gathe, this is what it’s all about.

Another inspiring aspect of Gathe’s music is the fact that he is truly a solo artist, playing all the instruments himself, writing his own songs, and recording everything in his home studio. His debut album, Win The Day, was expertly mastered in Los Angeles by John Vestman, and has received critical acclaim since its release, being nominated for an LA Music Award on August 29, 2012. Despite the imminent success that Gathe is destined for, he maintains a very real awareness of himself and the people around him, and his music reflects this. The music of Win The Day is about life and the experiences of humanity in general. The positive vibe that this music conveys is undeniable and Gathe has a definitive knack for hitting home with many of his songs. Listeners will have no trouble relating to his music and they will likely find themselves feeling inspired after hearing it.

Gathe has been compared to artists like the Foo Fighters and Incubus, while integrating elements of other such greats as Jimmy Eat World and Coldplay. Regardless of comparisons, Win The Day’s music is wholly original and is difficult to categorize into one genre or musical influence. The label of alternative rock would suit Gathe’s music, however there are many facets to this artist and he crosses several genres with little effort.

Gathe’s website is and his youtube channel,, has gotten nearly 100,000 views in just a few short months. Win The Day is a solo project masterminded by Charlie Gathe, a multi-skilled musician from Lafayette, Louisiana, but Win The Day is a lot more than just that. The name alone speaks volumes of this artist and what he stands for. We all want to Win The Day and perhaps even the night as well, don’t we? Charlie Gathe has proven that this is entirely possible, for himself and for you. We just have to believe.