National Artist

“An impressively uninhibited singer, a songwriter worth paying attention to…a crafty rock wordsmith; energetic, and nevera dull lyrical moment.”

“Exceptional! Superb, supreme, excellent! Best National Entry nomination.”
AL BOWMAN, Executive Producer, L.A. MUSIC AWARDS

“Winterboy has quickly become one of the area’s most charismatic performers.”

Cold Blue Campfire is WiNTERBOY’s 3rd studio album, and his last full-band effort. Began rehearsing in October, 2011. First recordings in June, 2012. First final mixes on the eve of the Great Blizzard of 2013; finished those mixes one month later, to the day, as the Surprise Blizzard of 2013 began. And right now, it’s still snowing…
released 13 March 2013

Produced by WiNTERBOY, Joel Simches, and Joe Tooley
Recorded and pre-mixed by Joel Simches and WiNTERBOY at WMFO
Final mixes by Joe Tooely and WiNTERBOY at Q Division
Mastering by Andy VanDette of MasterDisk
WiNTERBOY: Lead vocals, guitars and lyrics
NAN.C Baden: Harmony vocals, djembe, tambo, shakers
JER.E Baden: Drums
PAUL.E Allen: Bass
COLD BLUE CAMPFiRE cover art by Aaron Nathan