World Liberators

Nominee at the 10th annual LA Music Awards

The World Liberators are LA’s craziest, most politically active trip-hop act. The World Liberators were nominated November 8th for Outstanding Pop Album of the year by The Los Angeles Music Awards (for more info check out their official website) The award will be given out on November 21st at The Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills, CA. The 10th Annual awards show will be broadcast live on the internet. The World Liberators use controversial lyrics and perform with programmable keyboards, effects guitar, lead guitar, latin percussion and female and male lead vocals. They were one of three bands performing protest shows during the Democratic National Convention Protests in August of 2000. (Rage Against The Machine and Ozmatli were the others). Beginning with those shows, the band has faced harrassment from the LAPD for their political music, including threats to shut shows down at two clubs. They advocate the legalization of marijuana and have a song called “Revolution (in the USA),” but their Rastafarian political views are too complex to summarize here. (For more information, visit The World Liberators’ website at Their first album is called “Protest the System” and is available by calling 323-656-6145 or on sale at www.mp3/ Their most frequent venues are the clubs on Sunset Strip in West Hollywood CA (Coconut Teaszer, Whiskey, Roxy, the Cat Club) and the Santa Monica Promenade where they play for contributions on the street. Guitarist and lead male vocalist Lion is a veteran of the former Miami (FL) band “One Tribe” and was also a DJ in Amsterdam. Thursday Knight, keyboardist and lead female vocalist, is a former financial planner for Met Life Financial Services and the youngest elected female official in Greenfield Massachusetts. Makoto, effects and lead guitarist, is a guitar teacher in LA and an ex-studio musician from Tokyo. Percussionist Dimas Rodriguez is well-known in Santa Monica, where he drives a cab as well as leading weekend drum circles. Lion and Thursday will soon be appearing on a nationally-syndicated TV show: “Moral Court,” a court-room drama based on real moral conflicts. The World Liberators are originally from the Springfield, Massachusetts area, where they recorded most of their first album, but have quickly become an L.A.-fixture. They support Ralph Nader and the Green Party and are working for a non-corporate, better and more stress-free reality for all! They came to California to get a record contract and further spread their message of love and revolution. Rave on, brothers and sisters! Peace and power to all!!!