World Tribe

Live Performance

Music Video

Nominee – 1996 6th Annual LA Music Awards

What happens when you take the positive vibes of reggae, the catchy hooks of pop, the power of hard rock, the urban sensibility of rap, and combine them with impeccable studio musicianship? You get Southern California’s World Tribe.

In 1991 the members of World Tribe joined forces to create their shared vision for a new type of music they could call their own. With a cutting-edge blend of musical style and diverse individual backgrounds, it wasn’t difficult for them to materialize that vision. Their sound undoubtedly reflects the diversity of their homeland Southern California. It wasn’t long before the band attracted a loyal grass roots following.

Booming demand for the World Tribe sound soon followed, and the band released its first CD, “Nothing to Say,” in 1995. Immediately following this release, the band launched its first tour away from home in the Hawaiian Islands two years consecutively. Keeping their live momentum, the band played four years consecutively for L.A. Ski and Sun tour Spring Breakers , a combination of multiple colleges joining together for good times and good music in San Felipe, MX. Despite a rigorous touring schedule, the band still made time for charity events such as Malibu’s “Heal the Bay” in 1996.

In 1997, the band released its second CD, “Element.” The CD was an instant success with music fans as well as entertainment industry professionals all over the nation. Yielding such hits as “Vershan,” “Our World,” and “Five,” World Tribe received national airplay on several of MTV’s Road Rules episodes. Success brought them more prestigious venues such as Hard Rock Cafe locations in Las Vegas, Newport Beach, and Beverly Hills. They were also featured on “E!” entertainment television at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas, providing music for a special feature on “Hot Clubs to Attend.” Their success was only beginning.

Today, World Tribe is no stranger to national attention, boasting sponsorships from Gotcha Clothing®, Budweiser®, Sketchers Shoes®, and Ultrasol Eyewear®*. Every day the band continues to rise as a staple of modern rock, sharing the stage with notable groups such as The Violent Femmes, Foo Fighters, 311, Fishbone, Pato Banton, Eek a Mouse, and Dance Hall Crashers. With all its success, it’s no surprise the band packs the clubs for every performance.

In early 2002, World Tribe continued its tradition of success with the brand new release of their third CD, “Energy.” Strong hit singles such as “Shave My Head,” “What’s Gone Wrong,” and an upbeat ska cover of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” will without a doubt be added to the band’s growing list of hits. Though each song brings it’s own unique message, Energy focuses on positivity, and brings a message of hope during often trying times of modern life.

* Gotcha Clothing (1998-1999), Budweiser (1999-2004), Sketchers Shoes (1999), and Ultrasol Eyewear (1999-2004)