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1992 award winner for Demo Search 92′ – 2nd Annual LA Music Awards “Wrecking Ball”

In January 1987, Wrecking Crew founded from members of the hardcore punk scene, which until then were musically not yet made ​​its appearance. For the first line-up included Glenn Dudley (vocals), John Darga ( guitar ), Ralph DiNunzio (guitar), Keith Ennett ( bass ) and drummer EK, which was, however, after a short time replaced by Taras Hrabec. The band was founded just at the stage of Boston’s hardcore punks, when most old bands like SS Decontrol , DYS and Jerry’s Kids had dissolved.  In contrast to the aforementioned bands Wrecking Crew chose a rather on metal -oriented style. Inspirations have included Agnostic Front , Discharge , Broken Bones and Battalion of Saints .

On May 27, 1987, the first gig was opening for Corrosion of Conformity instead. After further gigs in Boston in January 2008, they visited a recording studio and took a total of eight songs, including a cover of Negative Approach . Four songs were by Mark MacKayes ( Slapshot published) Label Vortex.  at a gig together with Uniform Choice and Warzone at CBGB in New York City , the band John Bello of Hawker Records learned (a sub-label of Roadrunner Records ), who them offered a contract.  in 1989 as released their debut album Balance of Terror . The band recorded yet live tracks for the compilation Free for All on the CBGB and two more songs for a sampler of Thrasher magazine,. Then the band went on their first (and only) US tour, which not was very successful.

After the tour Wrecking Crew wanted to record material for a new album when the label went bankrupt Hawker. The shots in the Synchro Studios were as Demo 1991 recorded and later on the compilation 1987-1991 published. About Biohazard Wrecking Crew were able to negotiate a contract with Maze Records, but also this label provides its services shortly thereafter.

1991 rose from Glenn Dudley and was Elgin Nathan James , a founding member of the notorious Straight Edge Gang Friends Stand United replaced. Also guitarist John Darga got out and was initially replaced by Nick Clancy, then Dean Baltulonis. With James Clancy and a self-titled 7 ”, which was released by Sonic Aggression Records in 1993. Was  In 1994 the band split permanently on. Elgin James and Dean Baltulonis then founded 454 Big Block and later The World is My Fuse .

2005 compilation released with old material under the title from 1987 to 1991 on the label Bridge Nine Records . The song Why Must They were re-recorded in April 2004, as the rights of the LP still amounted to Roadrunner Records.  Only in 2006 succeeded I Scream Records to release their debut album again.

1988 Wrecking Crew (7 ”, Vortex Records)
1989: Balance of Terror (LP, Hawker Records; CD Version 2006 on I Scream Records )
1993 Wrecking Crew (7 ”, Sonic Aggression Records)
2004: 1987-1991 (Compilation, Bridge Nine Records )