Live Performance

2011 Nominee – Dance/Electronica Artist of the Year – 21st Annual LA Music Awards

This is intelligent psychedellic electronica done the hard rock way. Entirely live programming, these symphonic, heart-felt, catchy melodies and dark sexy beats will hypnotize you and take you into a sixth dimension where all things are perfect and poisonous

Nearly 20 years after grunge put The Emerald City on the musical map, there’s a whole new “Seattle Sound” blasting into our collective pop consciousness thanks to the explosive emergence of the instrumental phenomenon known as Wunderbugg. Driven by the progressive psychedelic yet also decidedly retro 70’s-80s jam rock band vibe of keyboardist Whidden Flores, the three piece unit—which includes the MIDI sequencing and effects processing of Whidden, various musicians, and two identical twin singers, Audra Page and Elke Hautala —brings a dynamic live rock band perspective to the DJ format. Wunderbugg hits hard as a female trio creating a hybrid sound mastering a wide range of sounds ranging from the likes of Portishead and Billy Holiday to Madonna, Chemical Brothers, and Infected Mushroom, while taking the electronic style further out via exciting and unpredictable improvisations.

1. Approx 400,000+ clicks and downloads from Reverbnation widget in relation to album, “Transgradulate” since June of 2009. #11 on Seattle Alternative Charts between June-November 2009. Endorsements from Chelsea Hotel, Gamewright, and Radius Headphones. “Dreamcatcher (Klubjumpers remix)” on CMJ Marathon Compilation, “Skin” on Synthetic: Bombs of Music Compilation January 2010.

2. Cowriting an EP, with Grammy winners Klubjumpers, who were recently nominated #1 DJ duo in America at the IMA Awards 2010. EP to release September 2010. Walla remix entered Billboard at #41 on the Starfleet Charts, April 2010. Interviews scheduled for Dance Radio Network and more in October.
#9 Dance Radio Network Fall 2009. MAC & Clothing endorsements and modeling for Paulina Clothing, October 2010- to be featured on her brand new website and huge national debut.
TBA Interview on national TV station under MYSPACE GREECE Fall 2010.

3. Several songs to be released Summer 2010 off Italian label, Polena Records with Max Denoise

4. Cowriting “Syair” EP with the famous Mark Fisher (Rolling Stones) and produced by multi-Grammy producer Geoff Ott (Soundgarden, Alice in Chains), scheduled to be released September 2010. Endorsements from London Bridge Studios.MAC Endorsements. Nominated for Best Dance Artist of the Year, LA Music Awards 2010- asked to headline event in 2011….music video to be directed by Greg Watermann, current videographer for Linkin Park.

5. “Vodena (Wunderbugg remix)-Putokazi” released via Dallas Records Aug 15, 2010

6. Name on front cover of Progression Magazine along with a 2 page spread, January 2010. Numerous articles from Skope, Regen, Toronto Exclusive, XLR8R Magazine and various others.

7. 35,000 downloads of debut album “Written in Flesh.” on Nowtorrents.com. In top ten sellers of Psychedelic music on CDBaby 2008-2010. XLR8R Magazine ranked it #7 in top 10 releases of September 2008. Single “3Molecules Away” appeared on Lip Service Website soundtrack.

8. Whidden Flores had trained with Norah Jones’ personal piano coach, Julie Bonk. Real fans of Wunderbugg include (with permission from the artists): Mike Garson, Mike Koglin, Sue Ennis (songwriter for Heart), KJ Sawka, Pitch Black, Collide

9. Opened for DJ Sega October 2009, and headlined for international DJ Darin Epsilon at the kick off of his 2009 West Coast tour. Headlined the Seattle Music Revival 2009. Purevolume Stage CMJ 2009, Radius Heaphones CMJ Party 2009 headlined.

10. #2 Top Unsigned Band on Bandsforlabels.com Fall of 2008. Sonicbids Spotlight, August 2008.

REAL FANS INCLUDE: Mike Garson (David Bowie, NIN, Smashing Pumpkins), Sue Ennis (songwriter for Heart), Juano of Sky Cries Mary, Deep Forest, Collide, KJ Sawka, and Mike Koglin. Mrs. Ennis calls the song “Skin” off Transgradulate, “…great musicianship! You really have some fantastic, creative lyrics! Well put together. I loved it.”


Really cool and creative. Good luck!- Mike Garson

Dreamcatcher :)!!!!!!- FORD of the Ford Foundation (38 Billboard dance remix hits)

“that CD is absolute money!! I’ve now played it for the 100th time!!”-George of SgoinOn Entertainment (Killers, Faktion, Bullets & Octane)

I really love your music. Can’t wait to see you live!- Sam Hofstedt (STUDIO X…worked on Soundgarden, Nirvana, and Alice in Chains)

You guys are UNFUCKING BELIEVABLE!!! OH MY GOD you FUCKING ROCK!!!- drummer of Scum of the Earth after one of our shows

Very nice Sounds!- Collide

I really like your style, very well written- Mike Koglin (Creamfields/Gatecrashers)

I like what I hear….when does your album come out?- Tom Scanlon (Editor of SEATTLE TIMES)

Wicked- Pitch Black

I love it!- KJ Sawka

Rock On and good luck!- Jen Graham (Radio Team at Metalblade Records)

Nice use of the keyboards- Richard Burke (Radio Team of Skateboard Marketing)

I definitely approve- Mark of Synthetic Magazine

If Boards of Canada had punch and was dancable.- Trenton Doyle Hancock (internationally famous Modern artist who lent a piece for WRITTEN IN FLESH)

BEST DANCE ARTIST OF THE YEAR WUNDERBUGG is expanding internationally by working with a variety of Grammy artists and world famous DJ’s and musicians. From performing at the PureVolume Stage at CMJ, featured articles in Germany, to creating an entire EP with #1 Dance remix Duo in the US, Wunderbugg is a name that is starting to appear from America to Croatia, Italy, UK and beyond!