Young Duse

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2012 Nominee – Hip Hop Artist of the Year – 22nd Annual LA Music Awards

Real name ” Ron Johnson ” It all started at the age fourteen, when Young Duse’s cousin Kenny Wayne had a record deal from Sony records, and his other cousin Pooh Man was in the Menace To Society film. Both of his cousins were in the music hip-hop scene early on in the 1990’s, and Young Duse had seen the life of a hip-hop artist at an early age. While growing up in Reno, Nevada, Young Duse had a multi track mixer and a microphone. He then turned the living room closet into a studio booth for Ron, so that he could start recording his own music at home. Ron had a couple of friends at the time who had the same interest in music, they all had got together and started writing, recording, and producing their own music. A few years later, everyone branched off, and went their separate ways. Young Duse went on to pursue his passions in the music industry and so he started working on his solo career, and soon emerged as Young Duse. Young Duse is in the studio tirelessly day after day, night after night honing his skills, writing lyrics and recording hundreds of tracks. His one true goal in life is to become a world-renowned recording and performing artist, and nothing is going to stop him. He is putting in a lot of time, effort, and energy into his craft as well as spending a lot of his time building a local and regional fan base. When Young Duse is not in the studio writing and recording, he is either spending time with his family, or playing the sports he loves. Back in his high school days Young Duse was an all star athlete as well as a hot young producer. Young Duse started performing locally at the age of 17, and quickly became well known in the local hip hop scene, as well as becoming a well rounded hip-hop artist. Currently in 2011, Young Duse is ready to take on the music scene by storm.