Zach Arrias Z.R.A.

Performer at the 16th Annual LA Music Awards


Indie singer/songwriter Z.R.A has returned after an early winter West Coast tour, capped by a stunning performance at the Key Club in Hollywood, Ca to celebrate the Birthday of Jeff Buckley 10 years after his sudden and tragic death. The evening was hosted by Jack Osbourne along side Mary Guibert (Jeff Buckley’s mother). All proceeds from the SOLD OUT event went to the Silverlake Conservatory of Music, founded by Flea of The Red Hot Chili Peppers. For more info check out

Coming out of NYC’s East Village “Anti-folk” scene and sharing the stage with Regina Spektor, Gavin DeGraw, Nicole Atkins and Kimya Dawson among others, Z.R.A. earned a reputation for telling it how it is, through effortless melody and a falsetto that has been compared to Roy Orbison.

INDIE In-Tune Magazine wrote, “While it’s not shocking that the son of a recording engineer became a musician, what does come as a surprise are the densely layered, complex melodies heard on Z.R.A.’s new EP “Blind Sighted.” As you listen to each song, it’s hard to believe that not only have they been composed and recorded by the same musician, but that Zach Arrias is responsible for all of the instrumentation as well. From the confidently catchy “Chronicle of Ease”, the melancholic, indifferent “So I Care,” to the dark, gritty “More than Eleven,” it’s not hard to see why he has been nominated LOS ANGELES MUSIC AWARDS SINGER/SONGWRITER OF THE YEAR! It takes most musicians’ decades to produce the quality of music Z.R.A. is creating at the age of 25. The songwriter writes, ‘I know where my sight is’ from what I can tell it must be on world domination!”

Z.R.A. is currently scheduling an early summer cross country tour and will end up in Malibu, Ca to finish his first full length album due out by the end of 2008.

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