Zoe Scott

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Recipient for Rock Single of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards “Eight Lovers and a One Night Stand”

Nominated for Rock Album of the Year – 20th Annual LA Music Awards “Woman on Top”

Zoe Scott is more than just a woman: she is a force of nature. She stands tall in her stilettos, with a champagne coloured mane and a sultry accent revealing her pure brit-rock vibe. Armed with an electric guitar, this girl is setting out on her latest journey into a world of freedom, love and tenderness.
At 21, Zoe began the first part of her journey when she lived in a palace in Rome. The poet and film student made horror movies and did theatre for several years, before her journey took her to a remote cabin in the mountains of Spain. It was here that she first became inspired by the pure, raw music, lyrics and energy of 1960’s songwriters. When Zoe realized that she was born to share her feelings of joy and hope through music it was clear that California was the place for her. She began her musical quest by living in a cave in the Mojave Desert for two months. It was during this “vision quest” that she crafted many of the songs for her first album, “Beautiful to be Alive”. After a brief stint living in a van at the bottom of L.A.’s magical and mysterious Laurel Canyon, Zoe began cutting her first demos and has been rocking full force ever since.
Zoe released her first album, “Beautiful To Be Alive” in 2006, produced by Ken Allardyce and Zeus Records. She continued her musical journey by performing all over the world; including Rome, London, New York, Spain, Los Angeles and India.
Zoe started 2009 with a bang – going into the studio on the first day of the year with producers Wally Gagel, Xandy Barry and the Wizards of Oz. On this album, Zoe shares her perspectives on love, lust, and men. Super groovy songs, such as “Eight Lovers and a One Night Stand”, leap out and grab the listener, pulling them in. The new album is an honest portrayal of Zoe’s true-self: part “Chelsea Girl” and part loving lady of the Canyon. This rock and roll diva is ready to take us on an amazing journey into her soul, and she’s super excited to have you along for the ride!