Zoo People

Live Performance

1997 Nominee – Outstanding Musical Group of the Year – 7th annual LA Music Awards

An amazing musical reunion. Of all the shows I have seen this year, it ranks as one of the best.

Music flowed joyously!

While generally considered a Venice Beach band, this show in La Jolla, California was a “hometown” return for a few of the band members, so it was full of local family and friends, and a lot of us from Venice/L.A. drove down too. Many old friends reconnected –and then we reconnected with some great music!

Zoo People delivered a rocking playful two full sets of originals and covers that had the crowd going! The energy peaked with an inspired Magic Carpet Ride, which I believe was a first for them.

The overwhelming feeling in the crowd after the show was: Why did they ever stop playing, and when will they again!

Thank you Zoo People, and Beaumont’s, for a real great time!Zoo People – Mitch Manker, John Nau, Brian Chapman, Andrew Harvey

Brian Chapman (guitar)
Andrew Harvey (drums)
Greg Hyatt (bass)
John Jakubek(guitar)
John Nau (keys)

Mitch Manker (horns)

Saturday August 14, 2010
La Jolla, CA

Mitch Manker, John Nau Zoo People -John Nau, Brian Chapman Brian Chapman

Set 1
Lay Low
Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad >
Pieces Of Man
I’ve Been Working
Eyes of the World >
What’s Going On
Falling to the Ground
Unlucky Captain John

Zoo People – AndrewHarvey, John Jakubek

Set 2

Come and Go Blies
Oye Como Va
Let The Children play
Half Way Gone
Billy’s Palace
Down By The River
Magic Carpet Ride
Cajun Sun
Don’t Want You No More
What’s The Buzz
Stop Troubling Me

Set list kept by Richard Yaker, and he made this video too:
Richards pictures are coming soon too!

DHL did do a webcast, and managed to capture some of it. We admit, the video is poor, but it is a fun listen!