Zuvuya Music

Live Performance

Sponsor of the 14th annual LA Music Awards

Band Members
Xander Greene & Michael Travis
Boulder, CO
Short Description
Xander Greene and Michael Travis are Zuvuya.
Long Description
Zuyuva is a Mayan term for the universal wave of energy which surrounds us all. Understanding Zuvuya gives us an expanded awareness of who we are, connects us with higher levels of consciousness, and restores the memory of the infinite possibilities of our being. Creating this understanding is the purpose of the eclectic instrumental duo called Zuvuya.

The collaboration began when Xander Greene and Michael Travis first met in Crested Butte, Colorado in 1999, and realized that they shared a very similar approach to creating music. Both self-taught musicians maintain an almost mystical relationship with improvisational music, using the spontaneous expression to subtly urge change and growth in both themselves and their listeners. Xander and Travis would play together only sporadically over the next few years, as Travis was often on the road with his main musical project, The String Cheese Incident.

Today, SCI’s tour schedule lends more time for Travis to explore his many other musical inspirations, including EOTO & Zuvuya. So Travis (drums, bass) and Xander (acoustic guitar, drums) occasionally hit the road for mini tours and very special one-offs, to spin up some incredible musical energy. Expect a completely improvisational, highly percussive journey that fuses aggressive finger-style guitar and quick dynamic rhythms into a timeless source of expression.
Artists We Also Like
String Cheese Incident, EOTO
Chicken beaks.
Band Interests
Fast cars, music.